July 23 to 26

Hello fellow kids! It’s time to start stretching because we have a crazy week ahead of us. 
To encourage you to mingle, make friends and feel at home, Flinders University Student Association (FUSA) has put together a marathon of events, activities, entertainment and freebies for O’Week, so come along! Every day is different! Our big events are to your right, the whole schedule is below. Have a scroll! Also, the university has made a website all about the learnin’ side of things – and about other services you’ll use. It’s very handy, check it out here.
So what’s going on?
It can be hard to pick what you want for lunch. So we’ve decided for you! Each day during O’Week (Mon-Thurs) we will have soup, pancakes, toasties or pizza.
In the hub, all week we’ll have a photo booth, with props so you can get a photo with your mates, or make a silly GIF that we will then take advantage of and publish.
If you’re new, come past the FUSA stall on level 1 of the Hub to grab a student diary, tote bag and other freebies. Already got your diary? Why not get some henna, a balloon, grab a donut and then head over to the caricature artist to find out your worst trait!
Do you hate the sound of everyone being around you? Us too. We’ve organised some soothing acoustic music to act as soundtrack to your first week of Semester 2.
Lastly, we’ve made a game! It’s called summer slice because you slice all the fruit. We hope you like it, all the art and voice and music is made for you, with love from FUSA xxoo


23 July

Club, Commercial and University stalls open at 9:00am

Clubs and stalls all day long! Come down to the Hub from 9am- 3pm to check out all the best clubs on campus, and get to know your friendly University service providers. There will also be freebies all over the place, including a free lunch (soup) at 12pm (Level 1, Hub – near Flinders Connect).


24 July

Events at Sturt and Winter Warmer at Alere

At Sturt we have V Energy slinging cans, free food and specials at the Pantry. Some calming live music to relax, ya might as well grab some delicious soup. Pick up a tote bag or a diary if you’re new.
On Central Campus? There’s free lunch (toasties!!) from 12pm on the ground level of the Hub.

It’s cold AF! Why don’t we all just pretend like we’re fancy people. Imagine, you’re around a fire*, drinking wine and eating cheese. A winemaker is holding up their glass, swishing it around and asking you to name allllll the flavours. You and your mates are making it up. The soft acoustic music wafts around Alere, full of charcuterie boards and delicious cheese.

Come up to Alere at 3pm to experience free wine tasting, cheese boards and sense of the good life.

*there is no fire soz


25 July

Market Day & Quiz Arvo

Being a student can be rough, and expensive but we’ve organised a Market Day without that Bowerbird cost! Education can be expensive, so why not spend the rest of your money while you’re here. There will be jewellery, art, comics, zines, cute stationary, clothes of all sorts, ceramics and much more. Local artists and students selling things, treat yo self. Free lunch is Pizza, you can find us on the ground floor


Let’s get quizzical (at 3pm) in at Alere! It’s a great place to meet mates, or bring a few and register a table. Know a whole bunch of people? Alone and terrified? Us too. Either way we can fit you on a table, no worries.


26 July


Alright, party at the Tav! Rock up from 5pm, stuff your gullet full of free food, before the DJ gets going. While you’re waiting, pop into the photobooth, grab a drink (with specials on the night) and hang out with your new mates.

4pm – Live Music
5pm Free Food
7pm till late – DJ