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Academic Advocacy

Student Assist is an independent and confidential service run by the Flinders University Student Association (FUSA). We provide academic, financial and welfare services to ensure students are given a ‘fair go’.

Student Assist staff are trained to deal with any issues students may encounter while studying and can also offer advice on a diverse range of matters that may affect students’ university experience.

Whether you’re having an issue with your lecturer, struggling with bills and debt, or are trying to understand university policy, Student Assist is here to help.

We can help you:

  • Understand the University’s assessment policies
  • Request a re-mark or appeal against a final grade
  • By providing advocacy on issues regarding academic integrity breaches
  • Solve placement difficulties
  • Navigate Higher Research Degree issues
  • With financial counselling, emergency financial assistance and interest-free student loans.

To make a booking please call (08) 8201 2371. You are also welcome to ask questions at student.assist@flinders.edu.au. For further information visit the Flinders University Student Association website.