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Academic Preparation Program (APP)

The APP consists of a range of lectures which provide an introduction to Flinders University, including academic skills, university expectations, and student services. Many lectures are repeated throughout the week so you can also attend your faculty-specific orientation program/s and other O’Week activities. 

Date:  20 – 24 February 2017
Duration:  All sessions are 50 minutes  (except Head Start to Uni)
Booking:   No need to book to attend, just come along!

Session Content (see timetable below)

  • Academic Referencing: How to use a referencing system and avoid plagiarism
  • Academic Writing: Writing well-structured academic assignments
  • Arithmetic & Algebra I: Basic operations, powers, roots, fractions and rearranging formulae
  • Arithmetic & Algebra II: Simultaneous equations, quadratic equations and factorisation
  • Conversion and Dimensional Analysis: Converting between multidimensional units
  • Critical Thinking: Using credible evidence to make an argument
  • Head Start to Uni: Getting started at Uni, support services and a student panel
  • Introductory Statistics: Populations, samples, mean, median, mode and standard deviation
  • Introductory Trigonometry: Pythagoras’ rule, trigonometric ratios, sine and cosine rules
  • Library & FLO: How to use the Library and Flinders Learning Online (FLO)
  • Life at Uni: Essential information and tips for success as a Flinders’ student
  • Logs and Exponents: Laws of logarithms and exponents and why they are useful
  • Maths Refresher: Covers the main mathematical concepts required in most courses
  • Ratio, Proportion, Conversion & Scientific Notation: Ratio, proportion, converting between different units, and writing very large or small numbers
  • Reading Academic Texts: Read and locate information efficiently in academic texts
  • Solving Equations: How to rearrange and solve equations
  • Straight Lines: Drawing straight lines, calculating their slopes, intercepts and equations
  • Writing for the Sciences: Writing well-structured academic assignments

For students in the Faculties of: Education, Humanities and Law + Social and Behavioural Sciences

Location: Lecture Theatre North 3, Social Sciences North Building
MAP REFERENCE: H9 (download campus map)

Mon 20 Tue 21 Wed 22 Thu 23 Fri 24
9am Head Start to Uni Life at Uni Reading Academic Texts Academic Writing Library & FLO
10am Academic Writing Life at Uni Reading Academic Texts Life at Uni
11am Life at Uni Reading Academic Texts Academic Referencing Library & FLO Academic Referencing
12pm Offical Welcome to New Students (Plaza)
1pm Library & FLO Academic Writing Critical Thinking Reading Academic Texts
2pm Critical Thinking Academic Referencing Straight Lines Life at Uni Academic Writing
3pm Library & FLO Maths Refresher Solving Equations Academic Referencing Critical Thinking
4pm Academic Writing Introductory Statistics

For students in the Faculties of: Science and Engineering + Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Location: Lecture Theatre South 1 (off Anchor Court), Physical Sciences Building
MAP REFERENCE: F11 (download campus map)

Mon 20 Tue 21 Wed 22 Thu 23 Fri 24
9am Head Start to Uni Academic Referencing Life at Uni Life at Uni Introductory Statistics
10am Library & FLO Reading Academic Texts Writing for the Sciences Straight Lines
11am Library & FLO Life at Uni Critical Thinking Reading Academic Texts Reading Academic Texts
12pm Offical Welcome to New Students (Plaza)
1pm Critical Thinking Library & FLO Arithmetic & Algebra I Logs & Exponents
2pm Academic Referencing Reading Academic Texts Writing for the Sciences Straight Lines Ratio, Proportion, Conversion & Scientific Notation
3pm Critical Thinking Writing for the Sciences Academic Referencing Ratio, Proportion, Conversion & Scientific Notation Arithmetic & Algebra II
4pm Conversion & Dimensional Analysis Logs & Exponents Introductory Trigonometry

For students at Sturt

Location: Room N335, Sturt Campus

Thursday, 23 Feb 2017 Friday, 24 Feb 2017
10am Academic Writing Maths Refresher
11am Academic Referencing Critical Thinking
1pm Critical Thinking Academic Referencing
2pm Maths Refresher Academic Writing

Download a PDF version of the APP program here.

Online Resources: The Academic Preparation Program resources including video lectures and PowerPoint Presentations are available from Flinders Learning Online (FLO). Log on to FLO and click on Student Learning Centre under “My Topics”.

For further information please visit the Student Learning Centre webpage.  

Contact person: Alison Levy 

Preparation for your studies

Academic Preparation Program

The Academic Preparation Program will assist you with the academic side of the transition to university. It will help you to learn the strategies and skills required for successful university study. This program is a series of lectures held during O’Week and is free for all commencing students to attend.

Library and IT support

Complete a Library Search Smart Circuit where you will learn how to find a book on the shelf; get started with Flinders Learning Online (FLO); use university computers effectively; and to print, scan and photocopy. Find out more.

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